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Really, a wedding is a celebration of love, and Rocío and Imanol’s wedding was one hell of a celebration. In an unparalleled location, Tarifa, Cadiz. A small fishing village and a surfing hub, with natural settings and traditional customs, where the bride has shared so many special moments with friends and family. They couldn’t have chosen a better spot for their wedding, and the guests were blown away by the effort the bride and groom put in to surprising them. And I, of course, was so thrilled that they chose me to make their dream a reality. Each and every one of the guests oozed good vibes, great style, fun, and just a little bit of craziness. The couple’s happiness, at the incredible wedding they had planned for us, was contagious. There really are no words that can accurately capture the beauty of the day, so I leave you with this wonderful video from UnParDeMedias, which says it all. Rocío and Imanol, I carry you in my heart, and I hope that each day together is a celebrations of love. Thank you!

I’ve also included some photos, courtesy of the fantastic Kunydiamond Studio, so you can get more glimpses of the day!



Team in this wonderful party:

Venue: Hotel Tres Mares, Tarifa

Photo: Kunydiamond Studio

Video UnParDeMedias

DJ & Sound Staffsound Audiovisuales

Wedding Dress: Isabel Núñez


Today, I’d like to tell you all about our youngest couple from this season, Rocio and Alejandro. They are a couple who knows how to have a good time, and they’d won me over even before our first meeting. As you can see in the photo, they exude pure passion. Not only passion for each other, but the passion of two grounded people who live life to its fullest.

Rocio and Alejandro taught me that those scenes in movies, where the protagonist grabs his girl tight around the waist and spins her through the air with all his might and love, those scenes are REAL, and they don’t just happen in the movies. That love is real, and we can feel it; it reaches to us, grabs us, and fills us up completely. Well, on the day of his wedding, Alejandro lifted little Rocio into the air ten or fifteen times. Seeing them amazed me, like reliving those Disney movies I saw so many times as a kid (or let’s be honest, as an adult too).


Their wedding was spectacular. The decor was relaxed, just like them, with natural and fresh decorative elements, which you can see in the photos.


A thousand times thank you to Rocio and Ale for sharing their day with us, and for turning “work” meetings into lovely, motivating afternoons spent laughing with friends.

Without a doubt, I will always remember your wedding, for your passion and for the gratitude you showed to us, each other, and your incredible families.


Keep living with that passion that characterizes you both, and best wishes for your future together. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Asunta.


Team in this awesome wedding:

Venue: Hacienda Guadalupe

Photo: Kunydiamond Studio

Video: Make it Blue

Catering: Miguel Ángel

Flowers: La Galería Jesús Fuertes

Wedding Dress: Pronovias

Crown: Marucca


There are no words, Bea. I was left speechless by your letter. Our Bea. A strong, independent woman, who couldn’t be more fun. You are elegant in your own special way, confident, and impeccably polite, something that is too often lacking.

Thank, truly, for your affection, and for really enjoying your special day. Each step you took on your wedding day was a joy to witness. You’ll always have a friend here, for anything you need. That is the wonderful thing about our work; we help to tell stories and end up forming a part of them

I’d like to share the words of one of our brides, words that drew tears to my eyes! Again Bea, speechless.

What would we have done without them? 

I acknowledge that I’m so organized it verges on obsessive. Hence why I never would have considered hiring a Wedding Planner, because I already had everything planned down the smallest detail. Communication with vendors is fundamental, but in my case I already knew most of them before getting engaged, so I wouldn’t have needed help with that either. Or at least that’s what one would think. In fact, whenever I told people “I’m really relaxed because I have a Wedding Planner,” nobody understood why I would want one. Today, a week after my wedding, my friends and family keep telling me, “It was such a success. Those girls work so well!” Without them the wedding might have turned out great, but with them there was no room for error. A wedding with 400 guests and with multiple vendors, flowers, catering, candles, people all over the place, and everything completely under control. More importantly, we didn’t have to worry about anything except for enjoying each moment. I’m sure a thousand things went wrong, but neither my parents, in-laws, or us noticed. That, in my opinion, is priceless. We had such a great time that we still can’t think of a single fault in the day.


I felt like a had a body double who, instead of dancing, drinking, and enjoying, was attending to my guests, vendors, parents, and family. Relocating guests that for some reason weren’t in the table settings, redistributing decorations, smoothly transitioning from one space to the next, and making sure that everything went as planned, or better. It was like having the help of a mother or sister, who only looks out for your best interests, except my mother and sister were just as relaxed as me, and focused on having a good time and enjoying the special day.

 Starting at 9 am, each message, phone call, or photo of how the setup was going was relaxed, positive, and there was never the slightest doubt or problem to cause me stress.


Asunta is a fantastic girl who enjoys what she does, is down to earth, and can differentiate between excessive and adequate, which in the wedding business can be difficult. She offers good advice while respecting your style, decisions, and standards.

 Until the end of the night she watched over the wedding and guests, and even sent me pictures that I could enjoy when I woke up.

 Asunta is a professional, and as soon as we signed an agreement with her she decided to hire two other girls to ensure there wouldn’t be any issues. Both were at the same level as Asunta. They resolved everything with a smile. I tip my hat to those people who are willing to lose money to deliver as promised, or more. It wasn’t the most important thing Asunta offered, but since it would be impossible to list everything we’d like to thank her for, I think this example is representative of her standards.

 Elegant, polite, kind, and professional. These aren’t compliments, but recognition of fact. There’s no doubt that I would hire her again, and that I’ll recommend her to every friend, family member, and acquaintance who is getting married. 

Planning a wedding doesn’t seem complicated but, as is the case with most things, one should stick to what they know. No matter how organized one may be, there are professionals who will be able to do it even better.

 I wouldn’t view it as an additional cost, but a savings. When working with Asunta, rather than adding things, she reduced and streamlined while ensuring that everything went off without a hitch.

 THANK YOU Asunta, Carlota, and Irene for giving it your all on our big day!


Team in this awesome wedding:

Venue: Hacienda Los Ángeles

Photo & Video: Couche Photo

Catering: Miguel Ángel

Flowers: La Galería Jesús Fuertes

Wedding Dress by Pol Núñez