Devote Yourself To Loving

Why choose “Devote Yourself to Loving” as the title of my first blog post? Well, what really led me to write this post is just that, LOVING. Loving my husband, loving my family, loving my friends, but also loving myself. Because the truth is we often forget to love ourselves. Love a tope is loving in all its forms, infinitely and with energy.

First I should introduce myself. My name is Asunta and I’m an energetic 27-year-old woman from Seville. I studied Economics and Marketing at the University of Seville, and worked for 4 years in marketing at Genera Games, a wonderful company where I grew professionally, but more importantly personally. I studied Wedding Planning and Design in Madrid, and am currently working on a Master in Digital Marketing. While wedding planning may not seem even remotely related to marketing, I’ve decided to make a career change and dedicate myself fully to my biggest passion: making others happy on one of the most important days of their lives, their wedding day.

Find something you love, dedicate yourself to it, and you’ll never work a day in your life, right?


Well this is exactly what I set out to do. I’ve always loved people. Organization and planning rule my life, and I would be nothing without my multiple planners and notebooks. I believe that love is a driving force in the world, and I’m passionate about weddings. From all of this grew an undeniable itch, and I chose to leave marketing to design weddings full of love and surrounded by nature!

My goal is that all my couples can make their dream a reality the day of their wedding. To create truly unique weddings, with taste and style regardless of budget. Whether they’re dreaming of a wedding on the beach, in the middle of a park, or somewhere more traditional, we’ll make it possible together.

From now on, on this blog you’ll find creative ideas, advice for both brides and guests, and my reflections and musings that I’ll share with you little by little. Thank you for your time and here’s to a productive week.