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We are Love a tope, and is our corporate website. On this website we use both first (our own) and third-party cookies to improve user navigation. If you have accessed this website and choose to continue browsing, you thereby accept the installation of these cookies. If you do not accept cookie use, continue reading for instructions on how to deactivate them.

A cookie is a small text file that contains information about how a user browses or uses the current website. Said file is stored in a user’s internet browser, recording certain parameters and information about the user, and thereby allowing Love a tope to better understand the browsing habits of its website users, with the intent of improving the browsing experience.

  1. Cookies for internal use: this website uses certain cookies (specifically from WordPress Inc) for internal use, and only when strictly necessary for the proper operation of the site.
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In the case that you do not wish to install cookies, please configure your Internet browser to either clear your computer’s drive of cookies, block cookies, or notify you in the case that they are installed.

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  4. Safari: Preferences / Privacy tab