About Love a Tope

Love a tope was born out of a real couple, a real love. It stems from an idea my husband and I had a few years ago. Our work and day to day routines made it very difficult to set up time to enjoy together, so we decided to set aside one evening a week for each other: the “Love a tope” evening.

It could be any afternoon of the week, there was only one rule: no calls, no messages, no friends or family. It was an afternoon of love and surrender to the other person, an afternoon to enjoy, to watch tv, to go out to dinner, to the movies or simply to catch up on our lives. One afternoon a week to disconnect and spend with that person, doing what we love the most. Because to spend a life with a person, one must find ways to care for and nurture the relationship.

So Love a tope is very present in my life; it is my philosophy, which I continue to carry out every week, and with this project I want to share it with each one of you. Because I know it will make you very happy as well.


  • Asunta

    My name is Asunta and I’m an energetic woman from Seville. I studied Economics and Marketing at the University of Seville, and worked for 4 years in marketing at Genera Games, a wonderful company where I grew professionally, but more importantly personally. I studied wedding planning and design in Madrid. While wedding planning may not seem even remotely related to marketing, I decided to make a career change and dedicate myself fully to my biggest passion: making others happy on one of the most important days of their lives, their wedding day! Organization and planning rule my life, and I would be nothing without my multiple planners and notebooks. I believe that love is a driving force in the world, and I’m passionate about weddings. From all of this grew an undeniable itch, and I chose to leave marketing to design weddings full of love and surrounded by nature! My goal is that all our couples can make their dream a reality the day of their wedding. To create truly unique weddings, with taste and style regardless of budget. Whether they’re dreaming of a wedding on the beach, in the middle of a park, or somewhere more traditional, we’ll make it possible together.

  • María

    My name is Maria, and I'm half Sevillian, half Brazilian. Pedagogue by vocation and Wedding Planner by choice. The nine years I lived in Brazil caused my life to take on an almost frenetic pace. At the same time, the sea has always formed an important part of my life. Based on these influences, I always try to plan weddings that are both fresh and fun ("bailongas" as we'd say!). Those who know me would say I'm small but fierce, and while I seem laid back, at work I'm a firecracker. I never leave for tomorrow what can be done today! I spend my days collecting ideas through videos and photographs, and I love being inventive. I'm creative and persistent, and I always accomplish what I put my mind to. I can't wait to be a part of your shindig!

  • Ana

    My name is Ana, I am a millennial with a great traveling spirit. I studied Tourism and I have a Master in events organization and congresses and meetings tourism. I love being aware of trends and visiting new countries, but since it's not always possible, I'm excited to explore Instagram, Pinterest and magazines. I am always looking for details, colors and new ways to experience weddings with balance and harmony. In my free time I love to go out, shopping, be with my friends and once in a while have a gin tonic with them! I love celebrating life and that is why I will do everything possible for you to have the best day you could ever imagine.

  • Teresa

    My name is Teresa, I am a person who loves nature and the sound of the sea gives me the life! I studied Administration and Business Management at the University of Seville and I have been involved in the company since the beginning, because it is close to my heart. I like the work well done, that's why I'm very demanding when it comes to doing it. I am a very empathetic person so I organize each wedding as if it was mine, huge parties!! Sensitivity is something innate in me, so do not be surprised if you see me shed some tears on that special day! I think that enjoying the small moments is the key to enjoy life and that to value what we have is fundamental. I enjoy meeting new people, with different cultures or thoughts and to be able to share moments in which we cry of laughter. I am delighted to be part of this adventure. Always give it all to the fullest!!