Aliza & Miguel

They are Aliza and Miguel, a couple that touched our hearts and put a smile on our faces every time we remember them.

They taught us that love does not understand about race, religion, language or culture. They brought guests from all over the world, up to 24 countries were represented at their wedding!

We spent two lovely days with them. First they celebrated a Hindu wedding on Friday night surrounded by their closest family in a very Sevillian setting, with the Torre del Oro and the Guadalquivir river in the background. Aliza is in love with the nature of our land, and what she most wanted was to celebrate her wedding in a very Andalusian area. So the next day, in a hacienda full of olive trees, in an intimate corner, we celebrated their ceremony full of friends who made us all cry and laugh out loud with their anecdotes and words of affection for the couple. They danced, ate and celebrated until the morning!

They are true LOVE A TOPE! 🧡 They are gorgeous on the outside but you can’t even imagine what they look like on the inside!

Thanks to Love a tope we had a wedding that was beyond what we had imagined. Love a tope knew how to surround us with true quality professionals for every aspect of the wedding, the execution of everything was simply perfect. From the beginning we saw that Love a tope has a lot of experience and an excellent relationship with many different vendors. This aspect was fundamental for us to decide for them in comparison with other Wedding Planners we looked at. Our wedding also had a very international connotation, with attendees from 15 different countries. Love a tope was able to help us build a wedding that was very welcoming and a lot of fun for everyone. Besides, preparing a wedding is a beautiful journey but it is also a process with difficult and stressful moments. Love a tope knows how to keep calm at all times and have an impeccable treatment: with a lot of love and professionalism, something fundamental and that is not easy to find. For all these reasons, the value that Love a tope adds to preparing and executing a wedding is unquestionable and we recommend any couple considering Wedding Planners to choose them.
Aliza & Miguel