Marta & Joaquín

As our mother has always told the three of us: ✨”LOVE IS THE DRIVING FORCE OF THE WORLD”✨ and a clear example of this unconditional love that has been transmitted to us since we were child are Marta & Joaquín, our middle sister and our brother-in-law!

Two long years passed since we put the expected post-it on our office wall, it was called “the secret wedding” at first, because we wanted to keep the organization secret so that all the people who pass through our office did not know about it! It has rained a lot since that day, the organization has been beautiful, but very hard. After the pandemic, seeing our sister devastated for not being able to fulfill her dream on the day she had chosen, made us get strength from where there was almost none, to put all our effort and give them the wedding they deserved!

It was a wedding full of surprises from the beginning to the end, with the best team of suppliers to whom we always say that working with them is “playing home”! Every moment we lived gives us goosebumps even months after that wonderful June 4, 2021. How fortunate we are to live experiences in which helping, understanding, loving and being accomplices of our couples gives us so much LOVE A TOPE! And if it is the wedding of our sis’ with the love of her life, TURN ON AND LET’S GO!

The beautiful photos of Juanlu Rojano and the video of our great artist Manolito from Click & Rec, make us as always relive that wonderful day as if it were yesterday! Thanks also to our friend and colleague Delfín for his delicious food, to Cártamo for the spectacular decoration, to Staffsound for making us jump from beginning to end, and to the great team of Qubo, who so lovingly prepared us that day (we still remember that coffee on the terrace of our parents’ house telling Marta “sister, you’re getting married!)

We hope you like the result as much as we like it!

When you think about organizing a wedding you feel excited, eager or happy but it doesn't take long to realize that it is not an easy process and you can feel a little overwhelmed, nervous, indecisive... For us it has been a huge LUCK to have such a service and, although as sisters have always supported us, having them in the organization of a wedding has given us a lot of peace of mind. In addition to the help in the organization, we really appreciate being able to enjoy this long awaited day to the fullest, knowing that everything is under control and that they are there for any unforeseen event that may arise. Ana and María took care of everything, taking care of every detail of the day and we were only in charge of ENJOYING. Of course, we have to specially mention our Tere who was so patient for two years (pandemic in between), always with love and that big smile that characterizes her, organizing the wedding as if it were her own and always transmitting confidence and illusion. We have nothing but words of gratitude to this AMAZING TEAM. Asunta thank you for giving us the most important service in our wedding. You are amazing, our wedding would not have been the same without your work. We love you!
Marta & Joaquín