Amanda & Alfonso

Elegance, love, education and a big dose of gratitude, they are Amanda and Alfonso.

Marta & Joaquín

As our mother has always told the three of us: ✨”LOVE IS THE DRIVING FORCE OF THE WORLD”✨ and a clear example of this unconditional love that has been transmitted to us since we were child are Marta & Joaquín, our middle sister and our brother-in-law!

Clara & Jordi

“Thousand Millions” is their motto and a a thousand millions thanks is what we have to say to this lovely couple!

Paula & Phillip

They are the pure definition of class and style… Paula, our Prada’s headband bride and her cute husband, Philip.

Karolina & Sorab

They are both very VIP but above all a beautiful and grateful couple! We remember them every day, but even more when we enter in our wonderful office and see the huge neon that says “dance for love” that these two gorgeous gave us at the end of their wedding!!

Aliza & Miguel

They taught us that love does not understand about race, religion, language or culture. They brought guests from all over the world, up to 24 countries were represented at their wedding!